26-10-2021 | 08:07

Fantastic, we made it! The crowdfunding campaign for the Soundlab in EKWC was a complete success, thanks to you. Thank you so much for your support!

Together with no fewer than 192 donors, you have made the Soundlab a reality. Thanks also for all the heartwarming responses:

'The Soundlab will be an exciting, innovative addition to the EKWC studios and programs for artists and the public! I'm excited to be a small part of this new initiative by helping them reach their goal.'

'The EKWC is for me the most creative place for ceramic art in the world, which I have visited as a residence so far. The staff is fantastic, supporting, highly skilled and the facilities are just amazing. For me the EKWC is a place of humanity, where you meet artist/ and culture involved persons from different disciplines, from different age, from different status in their carreer and from different places in the world, which all highly believe in their ideas and their work and which at the same time are all open to meet other artists ideas on eye level.'

‘From one of many who knows the value of the EKWC this is another great initiative!‘

The Soundlab
We have started building the Soundlab. We expect to have the Soundlab ready by mid-January 2022, so that we can give the first concert in February. You will receive an invitation to attend a concert!

The Rewards
As a thank you for the donation, some of you will receive a reward from us. You will also receive a message about this shortly.

Thanks again hugely for all the support, for the sharing of the campaign and your great response. You will hear from us soon.