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Beautiful concerts, compelling performances and mysterious installations with ceramics, music and sound at the European Ceramic Work Center: that is what we want to achieve with the Soundlab. Help us take the next (musical) step and walk with us like a bull through a china shop: donate to the EKWC Soundlab!

What does ringing ceramic sound like, what happens when you throw plates against the wall? And can you make music out of that? We want to offer composers, sound artists and musicians the opportunity to work with the sounds of ceramics. So that you as a visitor can enjoy special concerts at the EKWC.

What exactly is the Soundlab?
The Soundlab will be a meeting place and platform. The Soundlab consists of a sound and ceramic studio for working and a concert hall for public appearances and performances. And we need your help with this!

Where does my donation go?
With your support we can purchase measuring equipment, synthesizers, microphones and amplifiers. Furthermore, with your contribution we can make one of the studios acoustically suitable for working with sound and we are able to realize a concert hall with 40 seats. A place where we can bring you the compositions, songs, performances and installations created in the studio.

Yes, exactly! in Oisterwijk. Enjoy mysterious sounds during a special night out around the corner. Or if you come from farther away: the train stops almost in front of the door and there is plenty of parking space. We also work with festivals and concert halls in the Netherlands and far beyond to perform the sound works created at the EKWC in your area.

Why now?
The demand from participants to be able to work with sound has increased considerably in recent years. However, we have insufficient facilities to meet that demand. With the realization of the Soundlab we want to give sound and music a permanent place within the EKWC in order to be able to explore the boundaries of musical ceramics.

What is the European Ceramic Work Center?
The EKWC is an international workplace for ceramics. For over 50 years, artists, designers and architects from all over the world have been welcomed here to experiment with clay. This results in special works of art as well as technical innovations. The results can be seen in museums from New York to Tokyo.

An uniqe reward
During this crowdfunding you can also get a working period for yourself! For a donation of € 15.000 you are welcome here for three months to come and work. With ceramics only, or with ceramics and sound, the choice is yours. We have a studio for you and you can work here 24 hours a day. Interested? Please contact Jorgen Karskens,

Help make the Soundlab possible, donate!

The crowdfunding video was made by Cameraden Media:
More info about Sundaymorning@ekwc: Also follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin.

€15 Donate Eternally grateful - Thank you for supporting our project! We are eternally grateful for your donation! 16 donors €25 Donate Canvas tote bag ekwc - Thank you! As a token of our gratitude, you will receive a beautiful canvas EKWC tote bag. With our brand new logo on it. 25 donors €50 Donate Musical tile - Get started with sound and ceramics at home with this unique music tile: made by us with an acoustic glaze and a drum stick. Each tile makes a different sound. 30 donors €75 Donate Recommended Attend opening concert - Be welcome at the opening concert at the beginning of 2022. The very first time that we will be playing the special sounds created at the EKWC to the public, in the brand new concert hall. Very exciting! It will be intense, mysterious and unforgettable. 14 donors €100 Donate Bowl EKWC - Thank you very much! Oisterwijk has beautiful nature. The bowls are inspired by the Oisterwijk forests, fens and fauna. The bowls are all handmade and therefore unique. Of course you can conjure up beautiful tones while tapping your spoon on the bowl! 21 donors €250 Donate Name plate in concert hall - Yes! As a thank you for this wonderful donation, we will immortalize your name on a beautiful ceramic nameplate in the concert hall. You can also donate multiple images to make your name bigger, or include multiple names. 12 donors €500 Donate Use concert hall for own event - Super nice, thanks for that! The concert hall is completely at your disposal to organize something fun. For yourself, or for your customers. Making music, giving a lecture, having a meeting, everything is possible! The space is yours for half a day. €1,000 Donate Sound object Daniel Maalman - At the EKWC Artist Daniel Maalman made the poetic sound installation Soundshapes, consisting of 32 objects. Because you are so generous, you get one of these objects. When you hang the artwork in your home, all you need to do is plugin the power and you can enjoy a beautiful composition written by Daniel. 1 donor No longer available €5,000 Donate Sponsor Soundlab working period of artist - What a great gesture! You can choose who you want to support from the annual EKWC selection of artists. The chosen artist can come and work with us for three months with sound and ceramics. At the end of the work period you will receive a unique work of art from the artist.
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26-10-2021 | 08:07 Fantastic, we made it! The crowdfunding campaign for the Soundlab in EKWC was a complete success, thanks to you. Thank you so much for your support!Together with no fewer than 192 donors, you have made the Soundlab a reality. Thanks also for all the heartwarming responses:'The Soundlab will be an exciting, innovative addition to the EKWC studios and programs for artists and the public! I'm excited to be a small part of this new initiative by helping them reach their goal.''The EKWC is for me the most creative place for ceramic art in the world, which I have visited as a residence so far. The staff is fantastic, supporting, highly skilled and the facilities are just amazing. For me the EKWC is a place of humanity, where you meet artist/ and culture involved persons from different disciplines, from different age, from different status in their carreer and from different places in the world, which all highly believe in their ideas and their work and which at the same time are all open to meet other artists ideas on eye level.'‘From one of many who knows the value of the EKWC this is another great initiative!‘The SoundlabWe have started building the Soundlab. We expect to have the Soundlab ready by mid-January 2022, so that we can give the first concert in February. You will receive an invitation to attend a concert!The RewardsAs a thank you for the donation, some of you will receive a reward from us. You will also receive a message about this shortly.Thanks again hugely for all the support, for the sharing of the campaign and your great response. You will hear from us soon.Warmly,Team EKWC 
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